Goat Rocks Vista

Photographic Archive 1987 - 1992






The Burley Mountain manual photographic monitoring system, representing the Goat Rocks Wilderness, began operation in July of 1987.  USFS personnel took photographs from the Burley Mountain Lookout Tower, viewing Goat Rocks, 34.8 kilometers to the west.  Concurrent photographs of Mount Saint Helens, 32.4 kilometers to the southwest, were also taken from the lookout tower.  All Mount Saint Helens photographs are presented in a separate archive.

Photographs were taken at 09:00, 12:00, and 15:00 daily during the summer and fall seasons.  Over 1,500 35mm color slides taken from the Burley Mountain Lookout Tower were reviewed to develop the provided historical photographic archive.

Site-specific historical archive products include:

Also included is Air Program Information describing visibility measurements, causes of poor visibility, and Web addresses of related air quality data programs.  


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